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State-of-the-Art Plastic Finishes for an impressive Result

The design and appearance of a product, whether as a solitaire or as (sub)assembly of a machine, must be coherent and also inspire the target group. When it comes to design and aesthetics, shaping plays a major role. However, the final accent for the impression of a product is given by a wide variety of finishing methods. These include printing, lacquering, coating and/or integrated lighting. With our refinements, we set this final accent and achieve a stunning result with a lasting WOW effect for your components. Refinements can partly also be carried out retrospectively.

Production-optimized prefinishing of base materials and subsequent shaping (thermal/machine) can lead to major cost and time savings in the manufacturing process of your components. The combination of manufacturing and finishing distinguishes us significantly from our market competitors.

Find out more about the individual finishes below and ask for sample products. Our experts are also available for an initial conversation.


Printing on Plastics

We offer various printing systems, including: Screen printing, digital direct printing and pad printing. Based on the materials used, the design, the product’s area of application and, last but not least, your requirements, we will advise you and ultimately use the optimum printing process for your project. The finished product will impress with a unique overall appearance – guaranteed.


Painting Plastics

The possibilities for painting plastics are almost limitless. You have the choice between translucent or opaque, glossy or satin, intensive or discreet, and many more. Base material and geometry naturally play a role in the selection of a paint, but so does the subsequent area of application. In the MedTech and Lab Automation sector, for example, there are specific standards and guidelines to be observed with regard to ingredients. In shopfitting, on the other hand, painting is often only one component in the finishing process, which is then used in combination with other finishing methods such as lighting. Here, as everywhere, we look at your project together with you and are more than happy to advise you.


Coating Plastics

Coating is often used to achieve an improvement in material properties. This mostly takes place in the non-visual area. We ensure that the surface is coated in such a way that it is scratch-resistant, electrically conductive, antistatic, antifog or even antimicrobial/antibacterial. Here we optimize based on your requirements. We can do this both in the semi-finished product area and on the finished product as a finishing. In addition to improving material properties, the coating is also used to enhance the appearance. An example herefor is classic coating. We can for example use translucent surface coating in a wide variety of colors. Colors and intensity can be selected individually. Here, too, we can apply the method to the finished product. Another method of surface refinement is the foiling of your plastic parts. Starting with standard foils with individual color selection up to specially printed foils, everything is possible. Which method is used depends on the area of application, the base material and also the cost efficiency in the production process – Single piece? Small series? Large series? We will be happy to advise you!


Lighting of you Plastics

Lighting is the ultimate and final finishing touch to showcase a product or a component. The development of LED technology has led to a quantum leap in possibilities, which has been further potentiated by advancements in miniaturization, economy, and color and light temperature selection.

We create and produce for you a unique, distinctive visual appearance of your products manufactured by us. We offer a wide variety of recessed and surface-mounted lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor use. We also offer delivery with fully integrated lighting for plastic components or plastic assemblies, e.g. for series production in the automotive sector.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities.

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