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We know your industry. And we know plastics.

75 years of experience as a leading plastics processor makes all the difference. Your industry is guaranteed to be in our wealth of experience – talk to our experts!

Our experts are at your side, right away from the development and design phase to ensure a coordinated approach in all phases: from development to prototype (pilot series) to series readiness or series production of the components at our plant.

Our industry expertise becomes your trump card. We combine in-depth knowledge of materials, processing methods, composites, framework conditions and standards with the specific requirements in your industry segment.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries. And with many we have been working together for decades.

Plastics in Medical Technology

The combination of material properties and coatings (antimicrobial/antibacterial), as well as the associated standards and requirements, must be taken into account in this industry from the very start of a new development. And we already help with the selection of materials.

Thermoplastics such as polyvinyl chloride or rather biopolymers? We don’t do polymer analysis – but we do know the ideal plastic or composite for your requirements and can therefore help you decide on the ideal material. Global leaders in MedTech and Lab Automation rely on our expertise and have been using the components or products we manufacture for their automation systems and machines for decades.

Plastics in Mechanical Engineering

For plastic components in mechanical engineering, the challenge lies primarily in material and product properties such as robustness, rigidity, impact resistance, bullet resistance or temperature resistance. Here, it is necessary to comply with standards, meet technical requirements and, at the same time, achieve an aesthetic and, if necessary, innovative design that can be produced in series.

In addition, an optimized supply chain is essential for an efficient assembly process. We deliver complete assemblies to your (international) assembly site of the machines – and this also just-in-time. In the mechanical engineering segment, we are a close partner and supplier to the leading manufacturers of packaging and machine tools. Our manufacturing portfolio in the mechanical engineering segment is very diverse and ranges from small parts to complex machine covers made of composite materials.

Plastics in Vehicle Construction

In addition to technical requirements, aesthetic aspects are what count most in vehicle construction. Many companies offer customer-segment-specific unique selling propositions and allow end customers wide-ranging individualization options in design. This manifests itself, for example, in refined surfaces by means of integrated LED lighting, printing, coating, painting, etc. These points are of central importance to our customers from the vehicle and shipbuilding industries for the plastics and composite components used.

The challenge is to achieve this high-quality look with cost-effective manufacturing – without sacrificing the quality or durability of the parts. We’ve been meeting this challenge for decades. Continuously.

Manufacturers of caravans and companies in the shipbuilding industry, with their complex requirements in terms of design, aesthetics and materials, rely on our expertise in advising and manufacturing.

A variety of Projects and Industries

In our 75-year history, we have truly managed, supported and implemented a wide variety of challenging projects. Across all of our service areas and a wide range of industries. From intricate series productions to mind-blowing one-offs. You’re sure to find your project and industry reflected with us.

Here are the most exciting examples from our recent past:

  • ARD (Major German TV channel) studio for the Soccer Worldcup
  • ARD Election Studio
  • Shopfitting for the Swarovski Crystal Worlds
  • Luminaire Construction for the States Theatre in Zurich
  • Cladding for a Ride in an Amusement Park
  • Individualized Gondolas in Ski Resorts

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