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CNC Milling in Plastics Processing

Milling machine technology with up to 5-axes ensures maximum tolerance accuracy and flexibility in shaping your (also complex) components. In combination with our waste-optimized CNC process control and the use of diamond tools, you will get the optimal result of quality and cost-efficiency, matching exactly your requirements

Lasers in Plastics Processing

Due to short changeover times, the economical occupancy of the material and the tendency towards fast production times, laser cutting is the perfect process for producing even small batches very economically and to a high-quality standard. For example, subsequent finishing can often be completely eliminated due to high-precision edges

Bending and Edging in Plastics Processing

Especially when it comes to edging and bending, the combination of human expertise and state-of-the-art machinery is in absolute demand. Infrared and wire bending machines, single to multiple bending with variable radius as well as edging machines are used by us to produce your parts or assemblies in reproducible quality and according to your requirements.

Thermoforming in Plastics Processing

Based on our decades of experience, thermoforming is one of our core competencies. Time-controlled tempering ovens ensure low-stress implementation. In accordance with your quality and quantity requirements, we select the ideal molding and series tool to produce your components efficiently and to a high standard.

Adhesive Bonding in Plastics Processing

The adhesives or adhesive formulations and plastics to be used must always be considered in relation to each other and under the subsequent use of the component. Our adhesive formulations, which have been improved over decades – and in some cases are very well-kept secrets – are used individually as required, and lead to the optimum result creating the longest possible service life for you.

Deep Drawing in Plastics Processing

Deep drawing is an incredibly versatile process. Our machinery includes a wide-ranging portfolio of deep drawing machines and professional finishing options for a wide variety of components and quantities. With our own mold construction, we match the tool type and shape exactly to your component.

Our Machinery at Keim Kunststoffe

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We rely on high-tech in production! From milling machines to laser cutters to tempering ovens to thermoforming – our entire production is state-of-the-art.

But that’s not all: Often the “weakest” link in a chain causes the greatest delay in the manufacturing process. For this reason, we have established the perfect interplay of fully automated warehousing, flexible machine and plant management, and just-in-time delivery processes, and we are successively optimizing the entire structure.

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