Sample Pieces from Hans Keim Kunststoffe GmbH

Here’s how ordering sample pieces works

For companies and designers, we produce our sample pieces for free.


Fill out Request

Using the form below, you can let us know which processes, materials and finishes you are interested in. In addition, information about your industry and, if available your specific project, will help us produce the best possible sample pieces for you. The more accurate the initial information, the better.


Coordination by Phone

We manufacture the sample pieces individually. From our experience we know: the best way to understand each other is to talk. Therefore, in the form below we also ask for your email address, phone number and ask you to leave us a day and a time to call you back. In a personal conversation we will make a final agreement.

Receive Samples

After our final coordination, we usually need about two weeks to produce the sample pieces and to send them to you. We are pleased to be able to use this to give you an impression of highly professional plastics processing – and of course, our in-house expertise.

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